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2003, General Meditech Inc. was established.

2004, Obtained the medical device business license, medical device manufacturing license, importing and exporting license, and obtained G3 Multi-Parameter patient monitor product registration certificate.

2005, Obtained the China Manufacturing Measuring Instruments License and the ISO13485:2003 Quality System Certification for Medical Instruments.

2006, Obtained the Shenzhen Software Enterprise Certificate issued by Shenzhen Science and Technology and Information Bureau.

2007, Won the title of Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise, the company also obtained ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification and YY/T0287-2003 Medical device quality management system certification.

2008, Obtained the pulse oximeter product registration certificate, the central monitoring system product registration certificate, oximeter and patient monitor products passed EU CE certification, the handheld oximeter has been registered by the US FDA, and the three series of oximeters, central monitoring systems, and patient monitors have been identified as Shenzhen's independent innovation products, and have been entered into the "Shenzhen Government Centralized Procurement Catalog." Obtained two design patents and seven software copyrights.

2009, Won the “National High-tech Enterprise”.

2010, Was elected by the Shenzhen Integrity Alliance Association as the “AAA Integrity Enterprise”, G2A vital signs monitor obtains the product registration certificate, the G6 series fetal/maternal monitor obtains the product registration certificate, the G3 series monitors have passed the US FDA certificate, the G3D products have obtained the CFDA class II registration certificate, and the G3 series products have been selected into the National Ministry of Health Medical Equipment Association Evaluation and Selection Catalog. The oximeter and monitor have obtained the certification of independent innovation products in Guangdong Province, and have obtained the company's registered trademark and four software copyrights.

2011, Obtained five software copyrights.

2012, Obtained the G9L depth of anesthesia monitor product registration certificate, and passed the National High-tech Enterprise certificate. The company was re-examined and was nominated as the "AAA Integrity Enterprise" by the Shenzhen Integrity Alliance Association, and obtained three utility model patents.

2013, The tenth anniversary of the company’s establishment, successfully completed the shareholding reformation, and officially changed its name to “General Meditech Inc.”.

2014, The company was successfully listed on the NEEQ Market, stock code: 430692, and obtained five software copyrights .

2015, The new product G3N obtained registration certification; obtained 1 utility model patent authorization; the company passed the national high-tech enterprise review.

2016, Received five copyright authorizations.

2017, Obtained five copyright authorizations; obtained 2 utility model patent authorizations; new products G3M, G3S, G3N obtained EU CE certification .

2018, Obtained five software copyright authorization; new products G3M, G3S, G3R obtained registration certification; new product G3R obtained EU CE certification ; The company passed the National High-tech Enterprise review.

2019, Five copyright authorizations were obtained; the product registration certificate for G6 series fetal/maternal monitors was renewed.

2020, Obtained five copyright authorizations; obtained 4 trademark registrations; obtained 1 utility model patent authorization; passed the "Intelligence Property Management System" Certification; Obtained the “Guangdong Medical Monitoring Instrument Engineering Technology Research Center" Certificate issued by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology; obtained the “2019 Guangdong Provincial Contract-Trustworthy and Credit-Trustworthy Enterprise” certificate issued by the Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision Administration.

In 2021, 1 utility model patent authorization, 2 invention patent authorizations, and Guangdong Market Supervision Administration issued "2020 Guangdong Province Contract-Trustworthy and Credit-Trustworthy Enterprise" certificate, obtained the safety production standardization certificate.

……future, General Meditech Inc.  will work with you to create a well-known international brand around the world with effective service and excellent quality! 

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