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That day-my expansion dream journey

That day-my expansion dream journey

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  • Time of issue:2012-01-04 17:54
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(Summary description)That day, has gone with the wind,

That day, it was burned in the brain.

That day-my expansion dream journey

(Summary description)That day, has gone with the wind,

That day, it was burned in the brain.

  • Categories:Company News
  • Time of issue:2012-01-04 17:54
  • Views:

That day, has gone with the wind,

That day, it was burned in the brain.

That day, I panicked,

That day, I went back to the past.


On December 17 and 18, 2011, Shenzhen Genari Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. held a two-day "Hua Lang" expansion tour in South Australia. "Team, honor, gratitude, responsibility" runs through the whole process. There are many expanded game projects, each of which makes us feel the collective wisdom and the power of everyone is unlimited. Through this outreach training, I deeply realized that the power of the team is huge. Without the cooperation and joint efforts of every member of the team, many things would be difficult to accomplish. In addition, I personally felt that "the potential of human beings is limitless." There is nothing difficult in the world, and never give up lightly. With more courage and perseverance, many opportunities will not be easily lost. I firmly believe that through this training, all employees will be twisted together in their future work, thinking in one heart, working hard in one place, uniting and cooperating, overcoming challenges, and welcoming a bright future.

Although the two days of expansion exercises are over, even though my body is still aching up to now, I am extremely happy and I am always unable to calm down-because the inspiration and experience given by the expansion exercises is a permanent spiritual wealth. . Not only has it enhanced the team cohesion and the spirit of unity and cooperation, but the support and encouragement and help given to me by my teammates has made me more motivated and confident. We face difficulties and meet challenges together. We sincerely hope that our Genari people will always be such a blind date. Fall in love, let us welcome a better future together.

Once the eyes are closed and opened, one day is gone, and if the eyes are not opened, the whole life is over. I use a dream of the author, eyes from one closed to one open, to complete the journey of expansion of "that day", so I call it "expanding dream journey". Part of the plot is fabricated, please do not check in.

Chapter One Can't Find "North"

That day, the sun was shining and the sky was blue. No schoolbags, no padded jackets. A weak boy who will be blown up by the wind at any time, sitting in the front row of the classroom with a hoarse voice, as the teacher said: "Get up in the morning and face the sun. The front is east, the back is west, the right is south, and the left is North." But nowadays, it is sometimes said that "the left is south and the right is north" because it is difficult to distinguish between left and right. Unexpectedly, one of my "difficult to distinguish between left and right" came in handy on this day. When Coach Sheng asked us to "look for the north", I thought for a while and resolutely pointed my finger at the "north" in my heart. However, at the moment the standard answer was announced, there was an uproar and a mistake. It turns out that the "North" in my mind is far from the actual "North".

We are not far away, gathered in Shenzhen and Genari. Do you still remember the "North" in your heart? The squeamishness of childhood and the childishness of students have shaped the temper. When I was a child, I was around adults and parents; when I was a student, I was between teachers and classmates; now, between my work unit and my family. The age is changing, the environment is changing, and the pursuit is changing. Can the current "north" remain unchanged? Only by adapting to the current situation can we find the true "North". Only in this way will we not lose our way. If you still stay in the "north" of childhood, then it is really hard to distinguish between the left and right.

Chapter 2 Crossing the Broken Bridge

Slowly move the trembling legs, bit by bit towards the middle of the broken bridge, the more you go to the middle, the more you feel the broken bridge is shaking more and more. Holding his breath, consolidating his mind, one stepped and stepped onto the other half of the broken bridge. Unraveling my thinking, I thought: It turned out to be a good leap.

Reach out to welcome her leap.

Open Xinfei and push the wall of happiness. This is a leap. But this step requires courage and courage. Many times, after thinking about it, I am overly worried, overly inferior, afraid of this, and lost the opportunity, and the rest is sighing.

In life, there will be many "broken bridges" appearing in front of you, both opportunities and challenges. Only by jumping over can we reverse the current predicament, embark on a brand-new road, and start a new journey.

Chapter III Responsible Persons

The coach taught us a simple action, shouting "1" to turn left, shouting "2" to turn right, shouting "5" to turn back. The other numbers stay in place. I don’t know why, instead of turning backward with "3" or "4", use "5" instead. Throughout the game, the coach did not call out "3" and "4". Is it because the homonyms of "3" and "4" are "scattered" and "private"? Sanhe private, I don't think everyone likes to hear it.

A simple instruction, less than 5 times, someone makes a mistake and ends. It is not the person who made the mistake, but the "captain" who is punished. The captain is the person responsible for the team, and he is responsible for all consequences. Compared with the punishment of "stealing" as a child, the "wrong" person is much more uncomfortable, because it should be painful to oneself, but now it is painful to others, in the eyes, and in the heart.

Wrong is wrong, no one does not make mistakes. Recalling the journey I have traveled, I often make mistakes. There is also a blessing in disguise if we lose our horse. How can you see a rainbow without experiencing wind and rain?

Chapter 4 Thanksgiving

Only after we became parents did we know how much parents care about their children. People often say that "mother and child connect the heart", when you call "mother" from afar, your mother will definitely feel the slightest pain. Whether they are thousands of miles away or in heaven. You are the flesh and blood of your parents, and you live a different life after taking over your parents.

Parents, family has always been our strong backing. From the moment we came to mother's belly, we enjoyed mother's care. My mother has always been loving, beautiful woman in my heart, and it seems that she will never grow old. Until the year before last, when I went home for the New Year, I suddenly discovered that the young mother in my heart already had the face of a grandmother. I can't believe it, but the gray hair will never return to the blackness it used to be.

Our growth process is full of hardships paid by our parents. It is stepping on the shoulders of our parents that harden our wings. Thanks mom! Thank you parents! You don’t need too much language, if you have money but don’t have money, please go home and accompany them to celebrate the New Year!

When we step on the shoulders of others and stand up high, the hands above are already prepared. We only need to raise our hands and we will be pulled up, ascend, and ascend by our companions. One diagonal span can cross the 4.2-meter-high "Graduation Wall". "! What a feat!

We don't have verbal communication, we only have physical contact, we don't think too much, we have only one pursuit, we have not left a partner, we shouted after the completion of the climb! The collision of passion does not need any description!

As long as anyone who has crossed over knows that your success is not entirely dependent on your ability. We got up and rolled over, and as soon as we lifted our feet, we landed on the wall of people that had been prepared for you. one by one. The shoulders of the human wall are already red, swollen, and broken.

Thanks General , let us come together;

Thanks to the leader for giving us a chance to grow;

Thank you for the sun that day, shining into our hearts;

Thank you for your unremitting support and encouragement;

Thank you for your company, thank you for your sincerity;

That day is over, that day, forever!

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