G6MW-02 Gel Warmer

High brightness LED display
Adjustable temperature control range 34~40°C
Programmable timer to switch on and switch off
360 degree surround heater unit
Digital temperature control technology
High energy efficiency
Ergonomic 2 bottles design
Built-in durable wall mountable construction

Power Supply: AC100~240V, 50/60Hz, 30VA, DC12V, 2A
Operating Ambient Temperature: 0~40°C
Operating Relative Humidity: 30~90%
Temperature Control Range:34~40°C
Temperature Control Accuracy: ±2°C(After Heat Balance)
Auto Switch On Timer: 00:00~23:59
Auto Switch Off Timer: 00:00~23:59
Weight: 650g
Product Life:5 years
Product serial number
Product description

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